What is ousive?

ousive is a place where you can find high quatily images of known celebrities, movies, tv shows and so on.


All images and text copyright to their owners.  Our understanding is that the sharing of images featuring individuals of “celebrity” and/or “public figure” status is an accepted practice of generating mass online publicity:

  • Publicity for the individual’s public profile
  • Publicity for events the individual is endorsing and/or attending
  • Publicity for the individual’s new movie releases and involvements
  • Publicity for the individual’s new music releases and involvements
  • Publicity for magazines no longer in date of their original release
  • Publicity for charities the individual is endorsing and/or supporting
  • Publicity for TV shows the individual is endorsing and/or supporting

ousive is part of a genre of websites that collectively generates massive publicity for celebrities and public figures, something we understand to be used by various industries in order to grow product, personal and brand awareness. Images on ousive are found on a variety of online communities and websites that carry a copyright notice/disclaimer to the belief that the images they provide public access to are being used within the public domain. Images on ousive are fetched from public image hosting services which encourage users to share the material and carry a notice within their terms and conditions that their users are not permitted to upload images they do not own or have permission to use. If copyright protected images are found on ousive, this is due to a user or member of a public image host and/or community failing to honour the ‘terms and conditions’ of the public image hosts and/or the community to which they shared the content. It is impossible for us to know whether or not any images are being used illegally until we are told otherwise.

Please contact us in any case of infringement and/or DMCA requests by email to contact@ousive.com or by contact form on this page and all requests will be handled as soon as possible.


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